Saturday, 8 July 2017

ARDX starter kit for Arduino.

We have just been given a Biomaker grant from the University of Cambridge and we are working up our Arduino skills.

I kicked off the fun with a bit of wire art.

This is all the fun equipment that we were given:

 We started with the ARDX starter kit for Arduino, and tried building this set that comes with instructions in the kit.


Here it is working:

This is what the code looks like in the arduino software on my laptop. The laptop is connected to the arduino by USB cable. Tim did this part. 

I also tried the gen4-uLCD-32DT touch screen and it powered up nicely when attached to my laptop. The docs said that the next step is to pay $80 for the IDE so I put that to one side for now. LED backlit screens nuke my eyes really badly, so I don't think I'll be braving this piece of equipment much, in spite of my son urging me to help him build a smartphone. 

The I tried the gGrove Arduino starter kit and it was very interesting. It has a light meter which I'm keen to try. 

The enclosed instructions were not sufficient to get started but it had a very cheery paragraph directing me to some online help material.

The online help page was unfortunately blank. 

I have put that kit to one side for now too. I figure I will be able to work it out, but it might take a bit longer without clear instructions. 

Later: It turns out that the docs are here.

Onward and upward...