Thursday, 13 July 2017

The beginnings of a light meter.

I am trying to build a light meter just now using an Arduino and a Seeed Grove starter kit

The starter kit comes with a light sensor and today I managed to figure out how to get some results from it. I used the docs from

Light sensor:

LED output

Grove shield

Grove shield on top of Arduino

I used the program from pdf above, and the readout from the light sensor came out on the serial monitor (below). The physical set up was as shown in 4.1.1 in the pdf,

My hope is to wire the arduino up to an LCD screen and a switch so that I can switch the machine between displaying current light intensity and cumulative light exposure since the machine was turned on.

This is useful for two things:

1) Comparing gardening conditions with distant friends over facebook.

2) Figuring out how long I need to be out in the garden over winter in order to get enough sunlight. This varies depending on the weather and the time of year and the geographical location.

Anyway.. I'll keep at it.


In other news, a mystery guest has been soldering pins onto a Raspberry Pi Zero in our garden. :-)